Five fish haul from Monument topped by 43lb mirror

Heavy baiting with sweetcorn provided Pawel Wiatkowski with fish of 43lb and 31lb at Rob Hales’ Monument Fishery.

The 34-year-old introduced 5kg of corn at the start of his 36-hour session on the Shropshire venue and was rewarded with five fish in total.

Pawel, who is part of Carp Team PL made up of British-based Poles, said: “This was my fifth session at the Monument and my best session ever in the UK.

“I fished Thursday and Friday and the first fish came at noon on the first day and was 21lb. The second came at 3pm and was 19lb, then a fish of about 15lb or 16lb at 6pm.

“At 1am I had the 31-pounder and then at 2pm on Friday I had the biggest one. As soon as I picked up the rod I knew it was a big fish – it was a very good fight. I was in peg seven which has a lot of bars in and the fish was going over them and on the surface straight away.”

Pawel fished 10mm Mainline Sweetcorn boilies and plastic corn on snowman rigs with size 8 hooks.

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