Five double figure tench for 56lb from Bawburgh Lakes

Darryn Stolworthy has backed up the predictions of many experts that the British tench record will be broken this season with one of the best ever hauls of the species.

During an incredible session at a midlands stillwater, the Norfolk-based specialist broke his personal best three times in a catch which featured five doubles for a combined weight of 56lb 13oz.

The highlight of the historic catch was a 12lb 2oz specimen and this was backed up with fish of 11lb 14oz, 11lb 12oz, 10lb 10oz and 10lb 7oz.

Suspecting that the resident fish were cautious of big beds of bait, the 44-year-old roofer decided to gradually build up his swim with the use of Kamasan Black Cap feeders filled with maggots.

It proved to be a wise decision and the biggest of the session was the first to find the Angling Direct-backed rods cocktail of real and imitation maggots, fished in conjunction with a size 14 hook and a braided hooklink.

Darryn’s haul has further cemented the predictions of many fishery experts who believe that the mild winter has resulted in the species reaching larger weights much earlier in the season than normal.

“There’s no doubt that the fish here are bigger now than they have been in previous years,” he told Angling Times

“These tench regularly encounter big beds of bait and disturbance caused by marker floats and I think they have become wary as a result. I simply cast my feeder around and once I’d found a deeper hole at 30yds I gradually topped it up by recasting regularly.”

Three of the tench beat his previous personal best for the species of 11lb 11oz and he also banked three smaller fish to over 8lb.

“It’s been an ambition of mine to catch a tench over the 12lb-mark, but to catch one just before dark and then bank three other doubles the next morning was nothing short of incredible,” he continued.

“I had a few more days on the water after that crazy few hours and I just found myself sitting there shaking my head and laughing because I knew I’d just experienced something that will probably never happen again.”

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