Fishing legend Bob Church banks big chub on Angling Times free float

Fishing legend Bob Church put the free chubber float which was on the cover of Angling Times a few weeks ago to good use – landing this 6lb 5oz chub from the River Ivel.

The Northants-based all-rounder presented a piece of breadflake on a size 8 hook on the edge of a crease close in on a Kings Arms Angling Club controlled stretch. He laid his bait overdepth and anchored it in place with the buoyant float, using 10lb line and a size 8 hook.

“Small fish were knocking my float and trying to attack my breadflake when all of a sudden I saw a good fish swirl, then this big chub jumped clear of the water. A few minutes after, my float shot under, my reactions aren’t as fast as they used to be but I hit it!”

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