Fishing is Better Than Ever at Rush Lyvers

Now under new ownership, Rush Lyvers Lake in Hedon has been rejuvenated and is fishing better than ever with 50lb mixed nets being recorded on simple maggot and pole tactics.

The management have split the scenic 7-8 acre lake into two separate waters, Deeps and Shallows with the former planned to become a specimen carp water and the latter remaining as a match pleasure water.

The Shallows is a fairly easy venue with a big head of carp, tench, bream ide and silverfish meaning it will appeal to natural anglers. At this time of year it is easy to catch a bag of fish to around 4lb using a shallow pole rig and catapulting maggots or drip feeding them over the top.  Start fishing around 2ft deep and come shallower once the fish start feeding well. Pellets, meat and corn will equally catch as many fish if you prefer to use these as bait. The depth at around 13m is 15ft so if you choose to start fishing on the deck you will need more than your top three unless you’re using a feeder or waggler.

A good feature about this lake is the generous peg spacing with yards between each of the 150 pegs which are fishable across the two lakes.

TIP: When fishing shallow, shorten the line between pole-tip and float and try using a couple of small back shot behind your pole float in order to help with missed bites.

Prices: £5 per day - 1st extra rod £2, 2nd extra rod £1, available on the bank, night carp fishing only - £15 per night (Bookings Only) - from dusk till 7.30am, no guests
Contact: 01482 897611, day time only
Location: Preston Road, Hedon, Near Hull, East Yorkshire HU12 8JU
Facilities: Toilets, designated disabled pegs (wheelchair friendly)
Rules: Barbless hooks only, no ground bait or hemp, all carp to be returned to the water immediately