Fishfinders to be used in matches?

Fishfinders have been a common sight among specimen anglers for years – but they could soon be making an appearance on the match circuit according to one former Fish O’Mania finalist.

Essex-based rod Tony Curd has won countless contests during his career, using innovative ideas on numerous occasions to come out on top. And after recently getting his hands on the new Deeper Fishfinder, he instantly recognised the value it could have in events. The device can be hooked on to a pole rig and lowered in, showing information such as the contours and depth of your swim as well as the number of fish present on a mobile phone app that can be downloaded for free.

He said: “During the trial I tied it on to a heavy length of line and shipped my pole out to where I'd been catching from. I could see the pellets I was feeding falling through the water on my phone and it showed that every time I fed, more fish came in to the swim.

“It was also clear that some bigger fish were sat up in the water so I shallowed up and caught a number of large F1s.

“It could be a fantastic tool in matches in cool weather, helping you to locate a shoal of fish without having to spend an age searching your peg. It would definitely be very effective but I have to admit it’s inevitable that some places would ban it in matches,” he added.

One fishery owner that is open to the idea of such technology is Lindholme Lakes boss Neil Grantham. He told Angling Times: “I don’t have a problem with anyone who wants to come here and use this kind of equipment as long as it’s safe and doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s fishing.

“Fish shoal up as it gets colder and I can see the benefits of a fish finder and how it would be useful for anglers that want to locate them quickly.”

On the other side of the fence, however, is Westwood Lakes owner Alan Coupland. “Match fishing is about working your swim out and then attacking it,” he said. “This technology would take that element away and spoil things and we wouldn’t allow it in our contests.”

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