First forty joy at Brasenose Two

A day-ticket water famed for its multiple catches of doubles and twenties has produced its first 40-pounder.

Brasenose Two on the Linear Fisheries site in Oxfordshire threw up the mirror at exactly 40lb to Edd Pearson as part of a seven-fish haul.

The Leicestershire angler, who was fishing with two friends, said: “It’s my new pb and an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime.”

Edd and his two friends set up next to each other in the teeth of a warm wind and drew for swims. Picking peg 22, Edd found a steep drop-off at 50 yards and decided to fish on the shelf.

He said: “I put about a gallon and a half of maggots out with the Spomb then flicked the rods out tight on the spot. With fish showing all the time I thought I couldn’t fail.

“As the last rod hit the water the wind died and I knew the fish were gone. After a still and uneventful night and following morning I called the missus, head in hands, saying I have a feeling this could be uneventful trip.

“I fell back to sleep and awoke around lunchtime to a strong wind pushing down the lake. A few minutes later I was away and landed a mid-double fully scaled beauty.”

Having caught three more fish to 25 that day, Edd kept the bait going in. Despite temporarily knocking himself unconscious after slipping over during the night, Edd baited heavily during darkness and continued to pick up fish as dawn broke. The 40-pounder picked up his middle rod just as he was dealing with another fish.

“It was a violent take and as I bent into it I knew it was something big as I couldn't stop it. After a 20-minute battle in which it snagged me once it was finally ready for the net.”
Edd presented plastic maggots on a clip attached to a size 4 Korda Krank hook.

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