First bite at new water is 47lb common carp

Sam Pudney’s first bite from an Essex clubwater resulted in the lake’s most sought after resident – this 47lb common.

The local 21-year-old had previously experienced eight blank sessions on the tricky three-acre venue, but a change of rig finally saw his fortunes change for the better.
Sam had been focusing his attentions on a central area of the lake which he baited with DT Baits Cold Water Mix boilies.

“I had been fishing 18mm bottom baits plugged with cork to make them sink really slowly,” he said. “Unfortunately, this approach hadn’t produced anything so I decided on a rig change on one of my rods. I settled upon a version of the hinged-stiff rig which is an exceptional big fish rig.

On his latest visit Sam arrived at 7am to find he had the whole lake to himself.

“It was cold and muddy and after arriving at the swim I got both rods cast out as soon as possible. I Spombed out a kilo of crushed boilies over my left-hand-rod and then scattered 20 whole baits around each rod.

“At about 3:30pm the right-hand bobbin jumped up and my slack line pulled tight. I picked up the rod and connected with a fish, which only took a small amount of line to begin with. The rod then arched round and the fish started to feel very heavy indeed.

“I slowly gained line, but as it got closer it headed towards the trees that were overhanging into the water. As I lowered my tip it started to come away from the and when it came up from the depths I could it was a big fish. I grabbed my landing net and carefully lifted it under the fish.

“After composing myself, I checked the fish all over - she was in perfect condition and her mouth was immaculate. My dad came down to do the pictures and on the scales she weighed in at 47lb exactly - I was buzzing!”

Sam constructed his rig with 25lb Korda Mouthtrap, 15lb N-Trap Soft and a size 6 Choddy hook baited with a DT Baits pop-up.