First UK thirty from Yateley

Michael Whitney doubled his British personal best with this 37lb 10oz mirror from the historic Yateley Pads Lake.

The Surrey angler tucked himself into a sheltered bay during a 24-hour session with friends at the famous Hampshire complex.

The 32-year-old electrician said: “I’ve had fish to 41lb in France but I don’t fish just for carp in this country and my previous PB was 18lb, so this smashed it! I was absolutely over the moon!”

He added: “I arrived at about 2pm and didn’t see anything on my walk round. I contemplated setting up in the face of the wind, but found a little bay out of the wind. I cast across to a smashed branch that looked like it had just gone in.

“At 10am I had a couple of bleeps and then chaos! The bobbin smashed the Delkim and the fish went absolutely raging off.

“As soon as I hit into it I could just tell it was a big fish and my mate, who was looking at the bend of the rod, said ‘that’s a thirty’.”

Michael used Mainline Cell boilies and spread about 20 free offerings over a 12ft area. He fished a snowman setup on the hook and used Korda rig components.