Fifteen-year-old bags up on new water

Young hauler Benedict Fowler turned up at a day-ticket venue he had never seen before and bagged this 30lb 4oz mirror and two 29-pounders.

The Oxfordshire 15-year-old also had fish of 24lb and 20lb during a 48-hour stay at Thorney Weir in Greater London.

“There were lots of fish in the area near a big ball of surface weed that had just got up and was obviously new to them. It was just an underarm cast of about 20yrds into a little gap in the weed that felt about 4ft or 5ft deep on the drop.

“I catapulted out four handfuls of 18mm and 10mm CC Moore Live System boilies and topped up after every bite.

“I started off fishing two spots and got early bites on my right-hand rod but couldn’t land them due to the weed.

“I was fishing locked up and at 2am on the first night my rod tip bent round and I had the biggest one of the trip. It was a pretty dogged fight and I knew it was a big one from the start. It was completely empty and normally goes about 36lb apparently, but it was a lovely 40-year-old a slate-grey fish.”

Benedict fished yellow CC Moore Northern Special boilies on a size 6 curved-shank hook and a Taska Line Aligner. His rigs were attached to 2oz leads on clips.

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