Father and son both catch new personal bests at Linear

A change of swims produced two personal bests, including a 39lb mirror, for a father-and-son pair at Linear Fisheries.

Teenager Andrew Coughtrey and his dad Roy had action within 20 minutes of their arrival at Oxlease Lake on the Oxfordshire complex, but changed swims to move on to bigger fish. Eighteen-year-old Andrew managed a new pb mirror of 29lb 9oz, while Roy had one of the biggest mirrors in the lake at 39lb.

Andrew explained: “After a three-hour drive we arrived at Oxlease at about 6pm on a Sunday evening. After a short walk down to the bottom of the lake we could see that the fish were constantly topping in the corner that the strong wind was blowing into.

“Within 20 minutes, one of the rods screamed off on a solid PVA bag and we landed a nice upper double. Events repeated themselves again an hour later.

“However, for the next 36 hours very few fish seemed to be in front of us so we moved to where would could see the fish. Within five minutes of casting out a solid-bag presentation, featuring a fake grain of maize and a real one soaked in Goo, it screamed off. After a good battle I had a lovely 29lb 9oz personal-best mirror in the net. I was over the moon!

“After getting the pictures sorted, my dad finally got his first rod in the water. Very soon after the lead hit the bottom a 39lb mirror fell to his zig-rigged piece of black foam. It was another personal best and to say we were happy was an understatement – we were so glad we moved.

“The fishing was hard for our whole five-night stay but we managed another six carp up to mid-doubles and a 7lb tench just as we were packing up to go home. We can’t wait to go back!” 

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