Extra night results in two Snake Pit thirties

The importance of wangling an extra night on the bank was underlined for Karl Hall as he put two Snake Pit thirties on the bank during an extended session.

“I was only meant to be doing two nights, but I sweet-talked the missus into allowing me to do a third,” laughed the Colchester angler. “On the final morning I kept asking for ‘just another hour’ and that extra time proved bloody lucky!”

After a quiet two nights on the historic Essex venue, Karl’s action began at 3.30am on the third.

The 30Plus-backed angler, who was visiting the lake for the first time since March, said: “The fish didn’t move in until the final night and I had Popeye at 30lb 8oz at 3.30am and then a 24-pounder at 9am.

“I then noticed some fish fizzing up on another spot I had been baiting but only had one rod on. So I chucked another rod to it and had Filmstar at 31lb 6oz.”

Karl targeted a clear spot in the weed and baited heavily with Wicked Whites and The Nutz boilies from Mad Baits. He fished white Nutz pop-ups on hinged stiff rigs made with 30Plus Kodex rig bits.

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