Epic Grafham Water perch session

One of the biggest catches of specimen perch of all time has been landed by species expert Paul Elt after banking five specimens over 4lb topped by a 4lb 14oz personal best.

His incredible session unfolded while adrift during a stormy day on the daunting Grafham Water reservoir in Cambridgeshire where his biggest-ever perch, along with fish weighing 4lb 11oz, a brace at 4lb 1oz and a 4lb specimen came to the net.

The Drennan, Dynamite Baits-backed specialist used the devastating method known as ‘dropshotting’ close to an underwater feature where he found over 24 feet of water and then expertly worked a selection of his favourite lures including a new variety of baits that are soon to be released by Drennan.

His rig comprised an 8lb braided mainline, four feet of fluorocarbon and a size 1 hook, which also fooled also a string of eight other fish that ran to 3lb 12oz.

“I will never experience a session like this for as long as I live and it really has left me in a true state of shock,” Paul exclusively told Angling Times.

“The perch in this venue remain largely neglected because most predator anglers concentrate on the pike and zander with large lures, but over the last few years ‘dropshotting’ has completely revolutionised this kind of fishing.”

“I’ve fished this venue for 25 years now and it’s always been a really hard venue to crack, a real test, but this method is now helping anglers  discover the true perch potential of reservoirs like this.”

John Marshall is the Fisheries and recreation manager for Anglian Water, who run Grafham Water and he’s been blow away by Paul’s huge haul of perch.

“This catch is perfect proof of why perch fishing is getting more and more popular at all of our venues,” he said.

“I’ve been involved in the fishing here for over 30 years and feel that until now visitors have only scratched the surface as regards to the perch potential of our waters.

“ But now anglers like Paul, who are using tactics like ‘dropshotting,’are proving why many believe that it’s venues like this that will throw up a record.”

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