Enjoy Chub And Roach Nets to 30lb For Free On The Medway at East Peckham

With the river season now in full swing, anglers have been setting their sights on targeting the huge shoals of roach and chub found on the River Medway with nets over 30lb already being enjoyed.

The river weaves its way through some of the busiest areas of Kent but there are some stretches tucked away in a rural hotspot just like the one at East Peckham.

With deep gulleys, shallow glides and dense cover, it’s easy to see why the Peckham area of the waterway draws in the big shoals of roach, bream, perch and big chub. Best of all, you can keep most of your hard earned cash in your pocket as it offers free fishing and bagging up only requires a few quids worth of bait.

The stickfloat or waggler are winners for silverfish, a groundbait feeder will attract bream when there is a bit of colour in the water and deadbaits or lures will put you in with a real chance of landing a double figure pike but when the river is fairly low and slow you can also easily fish the pole for perfect presentation.

With thousands of tiny fish in the upper layers, getting the bait close to the deck quickly is key to finding the better stamp specimens. With this in mind, a reasonably heavy rig is advised. A balling in approach works well for a mixed net here, catapulting maggots and casters over the top to keep the fish moving.



Prices: Free fishing at East Peckham between the bridge at Branbridges Road and the weir upstream
Contact: 01622 200000
Location: River Medway, Branbridges Road, East Peckham, Kent
Rules: No fires, no carp in keepnets
Facilities: A free parking car park is situated next to the café on Branbridges Road Industrial Estate. This closes at 2pm but there are also various spots where cars can be parked on the main road.