England's fishing teams need you

Match fishing legend Dick Clegg is spearheading a campaign to raise £30,000 to send the England squads to this year’s world championships.

The nation’s international teams have experienced record levels of success in recent years but there are fears that the gold rush will come to a halt after the disabled, ladies and veterans sides failed to attract a sponsor to help fund the trip.

Calculations have revealed that each outfit will need funding to the tune of at least £10,000 and Dick is now appealing for potential investors to come forward and pledge their support. He said: “It saddens me that we are the most successful country in the world when it comes to angling yet the government won’t finance our efforts to keep it going. They are willing to throw millions of pounds at athletes competing in minority sports at the Winter Olympics but despite the popularity of fishing in this country they won’t give us the additional help we need.

“Other nations that we are competing against are given the necessary backing while our disabled, ladies and veterans have to arrange fundraising initiatives during time that could be used for practicing. In my eyes, this makes our achievements to date even more remarkable,” added Dick.

The battle to reach the target begins this weekend at the Big One angling show in Farnborough where the teams will be raffling off a huge array of items. Major companies including Drennan, Preston Innovations, Garbolino and Matrix have all donated hundreds of pounds worth of tackle for the event and Dick concluded: “I’m extremely grateful to all the members of the trade of who have donated equipment and I’m confident this will be the start of a successful fundraising drive.”

Anyone wishing to back the campaign should call Dick on 07534 267512.