Elusive Big Head out at 45lb 2oz

This elusive 45-pounder was the perfect way to start the day on Cambridgeshire’s famous St Ives complex.

Dave Little snared the mirror known as Big Head at 45lb 2oz just as dawn broke on the Shallow Pit.

The 30Plus and Mad Baits-backed angler explained: “I’m still buzzing from it!
“I started on Shallow in mid-March and chased the fish all over the lake before finding a spot where I saw some bubbles. I think in hindsight they were probably tench but I persevered with it.

“On April 30, which was my 38th birthday, I had a 29lb 14oz fish and then two weeks later I had Big Head during an eventufl three-night session on the same spot.

“On the first night I hooked and lost a fish called the Slate Grey and I was absolutely gutted because it’s a great-looking fish. I was fishing with X-Line and it was just sinking on to a mussel bed and I got cut off, so I switched to ESP Synchro and on the second night I caught The Tench at 29lb 8oz.

“On the final night I had Big Head. It tore off and kited into the swim next door – it must’ve been 150 yards away at that point! I eventually got her in and it was a great feeling.”

Dave baited with 7kg of Mad Baits’ The Force boilies each week in the run-up to the session and presented a The Nuts pop-up over the top on a variation of the hinged stiff rig made with 30Plus Shape-Shifter material.

Season tickets for the St Ives complex are still available from Gordy Howes on 07803 065993.

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