Eight fish from St John's in just two hours

A frenetic two-hour feeding spell helped Benedict Fowler to a 14-fish hit at Linear St John’s.

The Taska and CC Moore-backed 15-year-old caught mirrors of 31lb 8oz and 30lb 7oz during his 48-hour session on the Oxfordshire water.

Most of the action came during his second night, with two double takes and a total of eight fish falling in just 120 minutes.

Said Benedict: “I decided I wanted to start a little autumn on St John’s. I arrived on Thursday evening when the lake was pretty empty, so I was able to get in my favourite swim, The Beach.

“I decided to fish on the closest bar at 20 wraps. I started by putting about 40 Spombs on the spot and fishing two rods on little mesh bags on top of the bar, both on white CC Moore NS1 wafters.

“Within the first hour of having the rods in the water the right rod ripped off and I landed a beautiful 30lb 7oz mirror. After the early action all was quiet until about 2am when I hit a shoal of doubles. By the morning I had banked five fish in total.

“By 9am there wasn’t a fish to be seen, which is par for the course at St John’s. Through the day I took the rods off the spot and chucked some single zigs about but didn’t get a touch. At about 4pm I put another bucket of bait out and put the rods on the spot again, but changed the colour of the hookbait to red.

“Within three minutes I had a 31lb 8oz mirror. As usual, the next bite came at about 2am, which is when it all went crazy. Within two hours I had two double takes and landed eight fish including two twenties and one known as The Warrior. By the morning I had banked 14 fish in total – two twenties and two thirties. It was an awesome session.”

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