Eight blank session ends with 28lb pike

A session on a Nottinghamshire estate lake produced this stunning 28lb 13oz pike for Lewis Gaukrodger.

The 22-year-old from Lincoln legered a whole herring injected with salmon oil, to end a run of eight blank predator fishing sessions in style. He used a pair of size 4 trebles and 34lb nylon coated Super Trace wire, presenting his rig at distance because of the sun beating down on the lake.

“I had a feeling the fish would be unwilling to move into the shallower, near-shelf area in such bright conditions so I gambled on casting much further out. This definitely paid off when the swinger dropped and I found myself with a heavy weight on the other end, powering around and staying deep. Her markings and condition were pure pike perfection! She made all the hard work and effort of the previous sessions worthwhile and I also caught two other doubles in what was a memorable session,” he said.