Double take with 22lb and 24lb common carp

A tricky syndicate water produced a rare double take for Stuart Cobb, who was able to land both bites.

The Taska-backed angler caught the pair of spawned-out commons at 22lb and 24lb during a weekend session at the Cambridgeshire venue.

Stuart fished a silt area at 40yrds and baited heavily with particles before receiving the first take.

He said: “After a spirited fight I slipped the net under a cracking little common and when I secured the net my left-hand rod roared into action. When the fish was almost beaten I realised I'd only set up one of my nets, because two fish at once at this tricky lake is almost unheard of, but luckily enough my mate came into my swim and set up my other net and I was able to land my second common almost in as many minutes!”

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