Dinton's famous Twin banked at 45lb

Mat Holland laughed when a friend walked into his swim and predicted which fish he would land that night.

But just a few hours later the prophecy was realised and the Plymouth rod was clutching Dinton’s famous Twin at 45lb.

“It was simply immense to spend a little time with a fish of such history from one of the country’s hardest and most prestigious waters,” said the 38-year-old.

Explaining how the events were foretold at the Berkshire venue, Mat said: “Another member of the syndicate, Bucks, came into my swim and predicted I would catch, and he even said what fish it would be.

“I just laughed and said ‘that would be great, mate’ and off he went.

“At about 1am I was woken by a big fish crashing out over my rods. Ten minutes later the right-hand rod absolutely melted off.

“I picked the rod up and bent into what was clearly a very good fish. As it moved across the swim to the left at a great rate, I put my waders on and entered the water to get a better angle on the fish.  Eventually I managed to steer her back into open water in front of me and in the dull night light I scooped her into the net first time of asking.

“I staked out the landing net with a storm pole, switched my head torch on and just started laughing. I must have looked a right nut job; laying in the net was the very fish that Bucks had predicted I would have only a couple of hours earlier!”

Mat fished a Sticky Krill wafter over matching bottom baits and pellets to a hard clay spot at 40 yards. His combi rigs were made of King of the Pond components.

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