Deep-pit common falls to a zig rig for Darrell Peck

Carp catching machine Darrell Peck has landed his forty of 2014 in the form of this 46lb 12oz common from Bundys Pit.

The Essex-based Korda employee was confident that zigs would be the way forward as although there had been hardly any fish caught over the last few weeks from the Cambridgeshire syndicate they had still been showing heavily.

The first night passed without event so early the following morning Darrell upped sticks and moved in to the swim opposite where the vacating angler had taken  a 19lb common on a zig.

“By 8am, I had 3 rods rigged up with adjustable zigs, comprising size 12 Mixa hooks, 9lb N-Gauge hooklinks and a piece of black foam as a hookbait,” he said. “The trouble was I couldn’t see where to cast as the fog was so thick I couldn’t see my rod tips from my bedchair!”

Having fished the swim previously he clipped up his rods to a spot he’d fished in the past using his Cygnet Distance Sticks and cast his rigs in to the mist.

“It was a strange feeling sitting there uncertain where I had cast or at what exact depth I was fishing. A couple of hours past with no indications so I decided to adjust the deepest zig down another 3ft. Almost instantly the rod tip started to bounce and lifting into it I could feel a heavy weight plodding through the water. It soon picked up both my other lines and as the fish approached the bottom of the shelf I could feel that horrible grating sensation and I feared for the thin hooklink. Miraculously both the other lines came free and I was suddenly in direct contact with the fish.

“Then from the depths it appeared growing in size as it neared the surface. I was far from composed, my body was shaking uncontrollably I knew it was one of the real monsters from the deep pit. I thrust the net out onto the surface, gently guiding the beast over the cord - what a result 46lb 12oz of January common carp. What a carp, what a lake I truly couldn’t believe my luck!”