Dave Lane banks Burghfield common at 55lb

Top carp angler Dave Lane has ticked off yet another target fish with the capture of the elusive Burghfield Common.

Having already chalked up a CV of big fish including Mary, Two Tone and the Black Mirror, Dave latched into the 55lb common at the 90-acre Berkshire venue last week.
Describing it as “probably the hardest-fighting fish I have ever hooked”, the TFG and Mainline -backed rod also managed seven other fish, including two thirties, during a three-night session.

The achievement is made all the more remarkable by the fact Dave only began his Burghfield campaign in April. Other famous names to have banked the big common, which is rarely caught with other fish, include Terry Hearn, Nigel Sharp and current British record-holder Oz Holness.

Dave’s capture came at 6.30am from a small gravel area in 10ft of water, 60yrds from a swim he had spent four hours clearing out of a thick bramble patch.

He said: “I was filming the lake when I got the take. After the alarm stops you can just hear the clutch screaming for about two minutes – it's mental!”

He added: “The lake has been fishing terribly over the last two weeks and I have no idea what switched them on; maybe the new south-easterly wind?

“I had the common, the cream of the crop, along with two thirties and five of the smaller males. Who said the big common isn't a pack animal!”

Dave described it as “a session of a lifetime” and thanked the hundreds of well-wishers who congratulated him on his Facebook page.

The successful bait was Mainline’s Hybrid boilies soaked in dip.

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