Could you be the BBC's new face of fishing?

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to be the star of an angling TV Show?

If so, the BBC are offering passionate anglers the chance to take part in a new television series which will see participants fishing some of the most exotic destinations across the globe.

With a working title of ‘The Big Fish’, the programme is currently in the early planning stages but producers are on the lookout for anglers from differing disciplines of the sport to come forward and apply to take part in what is thought to be the first ever reality angling programme to be paid for by TV licence money.

The series is hoped to educate viewers about a huge variety of fish from all manner of destinations from Africa to Southern America and the ways local people catch them.  Each week participants will be challenged to test their skills in their new environment, combining their own talents with new techniques learnt from the indigenous population and international experts to outwit the environment they find themselves in.

The new show will become part of a growing list of angling based programmes which have appeared on terrestrial television in recent years including the likes of Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing and Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters which attracted as many as 3.4m viewers during particular episodes.

The talent search is open to non-professional anglers aged 18 and over and resident in the UK. Anyone interested in finding out more or downloading an application form should contact or call the team on 0117 974 2349.

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