Common carp personal best smashed by almost 10lb

Oscar Thornton upped his common PB by almost 10lb with this streamlined stunner.

The 39lb 2oz fish, known as The One Barb Common due to its single barbule, came during a session on Rockford in Hampshire.

Having spotted fish in an out-of-bounds area, Oscar moved into the nearest swim and set about enticing them out.

A shallow gravel bar was found at 100yrds and Oscar baited the spot with two kilos of boilie before placing two hinged stiff rigs to the area.

He said: “At around 7pm on the second day, just as the sun was starting to drop behind the trees, my right-hand rod round the corner pulled up tight and pinged out of the clip.

“I jumped straight into the waders and picked up the rod. The fish towed me straight around the corner and I was forced to wade out as far as possible. After a long battle and being dragged all over the place I finally slipped the net under what I could see was a large common.

“My mate was already with me when I had the take so we quickly got everything sorted and placed her on the scales and they flew round to 39lb 2oz, beating my previous PB common by nearly 10lb.

“I carried on fishing until the following morning with no more action, but it was fair to say I haven't stop smiling.”

Oscar’s rigs featured Korda Mouthtrap, Hybrid Stiff and Choddy hooks.

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