Colourful koi carp on a plastic bait

This unique koi was Craig Runham’s first fish from a southern club water after his winter target lake closed due to flooding.

The Reading angler was after a mid-thirty common he had spied on his first visit to the venue, but was not disappointed to slip the net under this colourful fish at a weight of 29lb 8oz.

Describing the bite that arrived on his third session, the 27-year-old said: “It wasn't till around 5am that the right rod had me scrambling for my boots as an angry fish tore away with the rig. 

“As I plucked the bent carbon from the rests the fish decided to take around 20 yards of line on its first run. Straight away I felt I was connected with a decent fish.  After it headed for every snag in the edge I had it on a short line cutting up through the water. I flicked on the red LED on my head torch just in time to see a white glow twisting and turning in the clear water.

“I have never caught a koi of this size before and to be fair the beauty of it blew me away.”
Craig used a Korda Plastic Dumbbell on a size 8 Wide Gape hook tied to N-Trap Silt over a scattering of Mainline Cell and Hybrid boilies.