Chilly's fish banked at 48lb

When the grapevine buzzed with news that Chillham Mill was fishing well, Keiron Hearn knew he had to get down there.

And the Sevenoaks rod was rewarded with two thirties, a twenty and this mirror, known as Chilly’s Fish, at a top weight of 48lb.

It was the second time Keiron had caught the fish at the Kent venue, though this time it was more than 5lb heavier.

He said: “I was working Sunday when I heard from a friend and great angler that he was on his sixth 30lb fish since Thursday, so I downed tools, packed the van and got down there thinking the big ones were on the feed before they spawned.

“That night I caught a 30lb 14oz mirror, a 30lb 9oz mirror and a 28lb 4oz common, then Chilly’s Fish at 48lb at 9am. I caught this fish back in August 2012 at 42lb 10oz, so it was great to see her again.”

Keiron fished tight to an island at 70 yards and presented a Mainline Cell dumbbell bottom bait in a Response Pellet PVA stick over a small bed of Cell boilies and Response Pellets. His rigs were short lengths of braid with size 6 wide-gape hooks.

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