Chidgey bags a fifth UK forty

Simple float-fishing tactics gave Julian Chidgey his fifth UK forty.

The Fox and Marukyu-backed all-rounder lowered his rig on a feeding fish at the Kracking Carp Lake at Devon’s Anglers Paradise and had the take almost immediately.

“The bite came within seconds,” said the 31-year-old, “and after a short tussle in the marginal weed I slipped the net under one of the South West’s biggest carp, and my fifth UK forty.”

Julian, who runs Inspired Angling Services, arrived at the water for a short session in ideal conditions but struggled to find fish until he spotted a few patches of bubbles close to the bank.

He said: “I was looking for somewhere to spend the night ahead of a day’s boat fishing off the Devon coast.  Having not fished the day-ticket carp lake at Anglers Paradise for over a year, I thought it would be the perfect place to break up my journey. The lake has come on leaps and bound since the carp were stocked as single-figure fish in 2006 and it now holds three forties and a dozen thirties, and anyone can have a go for the price of a day ticket.

“I always carry float gear for such an occasion and I hooked  two grains of Marukyu Credence Corn onto a size 8 SSSP hook and dropped it into the bubbles on a simple ‘lift method’ float rig.”

 The fish was tamed on a 12ft 2.75lb Fox Stalker rod, an Eos 7000 reel, 10lb Aquos line and a Drennan peacock waggler.

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