Catch carp... in your lounge!

Anglers can now get their hands the most realistic fishing computer simulator ever made.

Dovetail Games Fishing has drawn on the expertise of the some of the biggest names in the sport to ensure the experience is a close to being on the bank as possible.

The game will see players tackle every step in the fishing experience. Once they’ve selected their tackle and rigs they will use a new intuitive casting and reeling mechanism called ‘Total Cast Control’ to test their skills by finding, baiting, catching and landing the fish.

The developers have worked in partnership with Essex-based tackle giants, Korda, who have provided their expert knowledge.

Dovetail brand manager and keen carp angler, Darren Nokes, said: “Everything from casting to how the fish fight and sound effects to the bankside environments have been taken in to account."

He also revealed that he will be meeting with Sparsholt college lecturer Simon Scott to ensure the fish behaviour within the game replicates real-life and that plans are in place to recreate some of the top carp lakes in UK and Europe.

“Once we’ve got the licencing agreements sorted we can make the accurately recreate the lakes – even to the extent, for example, that gravel bars etc will be in the same place. We will also include each lake’s main target fish and their weights will even reflect what they should be at certain times of the year and after spawning.”

He added: “As well as providing an opportunity for fishing fans to practice fishing when it’s not possible outdoors, one of our aims is to encourage more people to get into real fishing through playing our game.”

The game has now been released in Early Access mode which allows users to play the first phases of the game for just £4.99. They will then receive each accompanying phase – there will be seven in total – for free resulting in a large saving of completed game retail price expected to be around £29.99.

Darren explained: “People who purchase the Early Access will be able to give us their feedback and work with the development team which all helps to ultimately create the best possible experience for players.”

**To try the game for yourself visit: and keep an eye out in Angling Times for further news about the game.**

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