Cash pledge to foil otters

One of the biggest steps to protect the future of the sport has been made by the boss of a leading tackle company.

Korda’s Danny Fairbrass has vowed to ‘reach into his own pocket’ to set up a non-profit organisation that will open a host of brand new ‘otter-proof’ fisheries and provide fencing for venues owned by angling clubs and associations.

Stating his desire to ‘put something back into the sport I love’, Danny this week revealed plans for his ground-breaking project that will have three main objectives.
The first will be to acquire leases on new or existing fisheries and then fence and stock them to start low-cost syndicates. These in turn will fund the protection and creation of more venues.

“I adore this sport. It’s given me so much that I feel morally obliged to put something back,” Danny told Angling Times. “Countless fisheries are being devastated by otter predation and I’m in a fortunate position where I can make a real difference.”

The second stage of the scheme will focus on helping non-profit making organisations like fishing clubs and associations fence their waters. These funds will initially be donated by Danny, but will eventually be covered by nation-wide fund raising events.

In addition to this, not only will his project help replace fish taken by otters, but he will use his experience and contacts within the industry to educate clubs with regards to fishery management and enable them to rear their own fish.

“There are cynical people that will think there are now going to be loads of Korda-backed fisheries popping-up all over the country, but this has nothing to do with my company, my ego or making money. It’s about securing the future of not just carp, but every other coarse species,” Danny continued.

The third objective is to give anglers a voice at government level working alongside groups like the Predation Action Group and the Angling Trust.

“This is low priority at this time as I wish to concentrate the organisation’s efforts on creating and protecting as many fisheries as possible to secure the future of our sport,” he explained. “The political argument will be fought over many years and in that time many fish will be lost if we just talk and don't act.”

The news has come as music to the ears of anglers and venue owners alike.
Angling legend, John Wilson, has been instrumental in the fight against otter predation and is of the opinion that the angling world should give the project their full backing.

“I don’t have to tell anyone how big of a threat otters pose to the future of our fishing. It doesn’t surprise me that Danny has put his hand in his pocket and launched this as he’s a great ambassador for the sport that has, and always will, look at the bigger picture,” John told Angling Times.

Mark Simmonds, owner of Heather Fisheries, is one of the UK’s most well-respected fish suppliers and in the last six years has lost around £450,000 worth of stock due to otter predation and is well aware of the importance of Danny’s announcement.

He said: “There are livelihoods hanging in the balance so for Danny to stand up and offer them a helping hand is very admirable indeed. The future of our sport will depend on projects like this.”

Norfolk’s Bungay Cherry Tree Angling Club have suffered from continued otter predation and club secretary, Dave Gladwell, expects that many clubs will benefit from the help provided from the new organisation.

“There are some organisations that just can’t afford to fence their fisheries as it costs thousands of pounds to do it properly, so their stocks are just sitting ducks,” he said. “Danny’s help will be invaluable to many, many people and will provide a real lifeline for those with nowhere to turn.”

If you want to apply to head up Danny’s organisation then please send your CV and covering letter to Make sure you include "CV for otter group" in the subject field.

The organisation’s objectives
1. Acquire leases on new waters or existing fisheries, fence them, stock them with quality fish and start new, low-cost syndicates.
2. To otter fence waters run by other non-profit organisations and set-up nationwide fundraising events.
3. To give anglers a voice at government level working alongside groups like the Predation Action Group (PAG) and the Angling Trust.

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