Career highlight for Ian Lewis with 46lb 4oz mirror

“The absolute pinnacle of my angling career” is how Ian Lewis described the capture of his new personal best in front of rolling video cameras.

Unfazed by the watching media presence, the Berkshire angler landed The Vein at 46lb 4oz and followed it up with a 31lb 12oz mirror the following morning.

Ian, who was being filmed for a Gardner Tackle piece, endured a frustrating two nights on the busy southern syndicate venue but moved to his desired swim at 3am on his last full day.

He said: “I could see nothing, let alone where I needed to cast, so I readied the rods with fresh rigs and hookbaits, chopped up some Mistral Four Season boilies and as soon as the fog started to clear I baited my area with whole and chopped 15mm baits and a scattering of corn.

“Alan Stagg from Gardner Tackle was due down to do some filming, so I knew I had to be firing on all cylinders. With the area primed and rods ready, all I had to do was get the rods on the money – the rest was in the lap of the carp gods.

“Quite unbelievably only three hours later my middle rod was away. The camera was rolling and after an incredibly powerful fight, some 10 minutes later the jewel in the crown was mine; king of the 'A Team', The Vein.

“It was a new English PB and the absolute pinnacle of my angling career!”

Ian’s hinged stiff rigs featured size 6 Covert Incizor hooks, 20lb Tripwire, 15lb Disruption and a 3ft length of CamFlex leadcore attached to 1.5oz leads.