Bumper week for bream catches topped by 14lb fish

A heavy baiting approach paid dividends for Ryan Hayden who smashed his bream pb with the capture of this 13lb 3oz specimen.

The Northants-based graphic designer had  visited his chosen gravel pit the day before his session and introduced over 10kg of 6mm and 4mm halibut pellets, hemp, Sonubaits Hemp and Hali Crush, chick peas and half a tin of corn all mixed together with molasses over a spot where he had seen bream topping at 60yds.
Returning the following afternoon he put out another 2kg of bait before casting out three method feeders.

“The evening began with quite a few knocks and I could see a few bream rolling at dusk so I knew they had found my bait,” said Ryan. “By 11pm it had gone quiet, though, so I Spombed out a bit more bait to try and draw them back. I was woken by a drop-back bite at 3am which resulted in a bream of 9lb 1oz. The next bite came two hours later and as soon as I lifted into the fish I knew it was a better one. Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be back for another shot with the hope of nudging my pb even higher,” added Ryan, who used 5ins Korum 10 Xpert Power Braid hooklinks and size 12 Xpert Specimen hooks baited with two hair-rigged 8mm Sonubait Halibut Pellet O’s.

Further north, Andy Griggs only had one bite during an overnight session on a West Yorkshire stillwater - but he wasn’t complaining as it resulted in a new lake record bream of 13lb 10oz.

The 27-year-old baited a shelf in 11ft of water with a mixture of crushed hemp, pellets and corn and presented a 12mm halibut pellet tipped with a piece of artificial corn over the top.

“I’d caught a new personal best of 10lb 12oz a couple of weeks earlier so I was delighted to up my pb for a second time and better the previous lake record of 12lb 1oz in the process,” the Yorkshire-based warehouse operative told Angling Times.

“I had a steady run at 12.30am and I could tell it was a decent fish when I lifted in to it. It came in like a dead weight all the way and it looked huge once we lifted it out and saw it in the net.”

Andy beat his prize with a bolt rig consisting of a 12ins braided hooklink knotless-knotted to a size 8 hook.

A recce session on a southern stillwater produced a four fish catch for Nathan Green which included a brace of doubles weighing 11lb 4oz and 12lb 5oz.

The Ashford, Kent-based sales consultant at Angling Direct Spombed out a large bed of groundbait onto a large clear area at 30yds and fished two rigs over the top baited with two grains of real corn and piece of plastic corn.

He said: “I honestly wasn’t expecting to catch and was only really fishing to try and get a feel for the venue.”

Nathan’s rigs incorporated 1.5oz textured inline leads which he moulded groundbait around before casting out, short braided hooklinks and Gardner Target hooks.
Finally, Dave Kennedy had a big surprise when he smashed his bream personal best with this mint-conditioned 14lb specimen.

The specialist, who works for Fosters of Birmingham, was after the carp in his local syndicate water when the huge slab took a Mainline Cell pop-up mounted on a chod rig.

The fish beat his previous best for the species of 10lb 8oz, and was taken over a clear spot that Dave found at 95yds range and baited with a bed of crushed boilies.
His winning rig featured braided mainline, a 4oz drop-off inline lead and a size 8 Korda hook.

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