Brothers bank eight carp to 43lb 5oz in 48 hours

Brothers Pete and Paul Cambray showed the potential of one of the most talked-about fisheries in the country as they hauled three forties and five thirties in 48 hours.

The pair, who also banked three twenties during their session, were fishing the day-ticket carp water at Combley Lakes on the Isle of Wight.

Pete, from nearby Ryde, said: “I’ve followed the lake since it was dug about 15 years ago and I’ve watched it turn into something very special.”

The brothers didn’t have to wait long for the action to start as Paul went in The Double swim, while Pete dropped into a bay area.

“Within 10 to 15 minutes of setting up the rods and putting chods out over very little bait, Paul was into his first fish – a 32lb 10oz common. While he was playing that, I also had a take and landed a 29lb mirror, so we had two fish on the mat within 20 minutes.

“We knew then that they were having a munch and we introduced a bit more bait and the action kept coming.”

By the end of the session Paul had banked fish of 43lb 5oz, 40lb 1oz, 37lb and 32lb 10oz, while pete had snared a 40lb 4oz mirror and others of 36lb and 33lb 8oz.
The pair fed CC Moore Live System boilies and fished their own bespoke pop-ups over the top no more than 40 yards out.

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