British Carp & Angling Show Ticket Winners

Congratulations to the following people, you have each won a pair of tickets to the British Carp & Angling Show, this weekend at the Royal Norfolk Showground:
- Mr Ian Thomas from Suffolk
- Mr Peter Ross from Middlesbrough
- Mr B A Rudland from Cambridgeshire
- R S Watling from Saxmundham
- Mike Brassett from Northampton
- Keith Lebbell from Norwich
- Mr G Cox from Buckinghamshire
- Alan Gill from Bedfordshire
- William Duncan from Suffolk
- Greg McNally from West Midlands
- Kev Tinker from Norfolk
- Bill Gard from Somerset
- Annette Farmer from Warwickshire
- Karl Kneller from Essex
- Peter Brunskill from Surrey
- Amie Thompson from Hertfordshire
- Andy Stevens from Hampshire
- Ryan Gould from Surrey
- Dean Mitchell from London
- Dan Burt from Somerset             
- Lynn Mitchell from Lancashire
- Colin Bichener from Northamptonshire
- Chris Leggitt from Norfolk
- Matthew Wood from Nottinghamshire
- Simon Hinch from Cambridgeshire

Your tickets have already been posted out to you.

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