Breadflake banks elusive 35lb 2oz mirror

“This carp just slurped in the bread – a sight I haven’t seen since I was a kid!”

That was Marcus Howarth’s description of tempting this seldom-caught mirror on a freelined piece of flake at Roach Pit in Hampshire.

The fish, known as Jamie’s, has been caught fewer than 10 times in its life and weighed 35lb 2oz.

Dorset rod Marcus told Angling Times: “I turned up at the pit and as always I went off to do a lap. I got to a corner of the lake where a lot of the weed had congregated, and I stood and watched for a bit and noticed a couple of carp really close in mouthing at the weed.

“I couldn't see how I could present a boiled bait to them as it was very weedy, so quickly thought ‘why not freeline some breadflake as no carp in the right mind can refuse bread?’.”

Having retrieved his tackle from the car, and borrowed some bread from friend Mark, the Sticky consultant returned to the spot.

“For around two hours I was standing there like a heron in the blazing sun trying to get a bite but they didn't seem that interested. I was about to leave them to it when I noticed a carp appear in a hole in the weed. I couldn’t quite see which one it was but I gently flicked out the bread and it landed just past the hole on top of the weed. I then very carefully and slowly teased the bread till it dropped into the hole. Within about five seconds this carp just slurped in the bread – a sight I haven’t seen since I was a kid!

“I struck and there was a big eruption, the rod bent over and he just ploughed straight through the weed. I quickly went into the lake, ripping the weed off my line, and I saw him roll underneath the weed. I dropped the rod and started handlining him towards me. He came straight in and with the first go I netted him.

“Ripping the weed out of the net I noticed it was Jamie's Fish – a proper rare one! I was buzzing!”

The fish was tamed on a size 6 ESP Big-T hook and 12lb ESP Synchro line.

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