Brazil nut tempts 39lb Linch mirror carp

Jake Wildbore showed the power of Brazil nuts as he netted a seldom-caught lump on a visit to Linch Hill.

The Korda star deployed the under-used bait to catch the mirror known as Scar at 39lb 2oz from Christchurch Lake at the Oxfordshire complex.

Having decided to fish two rods on the edge of a clear area – keeping his third rod as a rover, ready to be aimed at showing fish – Jake presented corked-out brazils and tiger nuts over hemp and chopped tigers from The Point swim at the day-ticket venue.

Having suffered a string of line bites as the fish moved over his spots in the early hours of the morning, Jake began to wonder if his rigs or bait were wrong.  “All these things run through your head,” he said, “but finally that was all put right when my left-hand rod rattled off. 

“Straight away it had the better of me, angrily shaking its head and just steaming towards every bit of weed, or reed bed it could find. After a while I started winning, so I slipped the waders on and delicately went out to try to shuffle what at first I thought was just a ball of weed into the net. Once I peeled it away I saw my prize. It looked a good fish, so I removed all the weed from the net, got my retention sling out and lifted what was certainly a fish pushing 40lb. 

“It was one of the big mirrors known as Scar, a rare visitor to the bank and you can clear see why with that overslung mouth.”

Jake’s combi rigs featured 15lb IQ2, 20lb Dark Matter braid and a size 6 Korda Krank hook.

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