Brace of thirties in just thirty minutes

Aaron Paling bagged an incredible quick-fire post-Christmas brace at a very tough Midlands syndicate.

Just 30 minutes separated the capture of Rita the mirror at 39lb 7oz and the Friendly Common at 33lb 12oz on the Farm Middleton syndicate.

The two-acre venue, operated by Fosters of Birmingham, contains just 40 to 50 fish with six known thirties.

Fishery manager Alan Bailey told Angling Times: “We’ve had the lake for 13 years and I held the record for two thirties in 12 hours, and that was quite something back then, so to do it in half an hour is incredible.

“Aaron has been on the winter ticket and that’s his thirty. He’s worked really hard and it shows that a bit of determination and putting up with tough weather can pay off.”
Aaron, from Birmingham, caught the fish on single fishmeal boilies.