Brace of high forties from Monks Pool

A brace of carp for almost 96lb was Lee Pettit’s reward for a tricky few months on the Isle of Wight’s Monks Pool.

The Carp Couture-backed angler took The Linear at 47lb 12oz, followed 12 hours later by The Boxer at 47lb 15oz.

“I still can’t believe it”, said the Islander, “the two biggest fish on the island and the biggest-ever brace!”

Lee explained how the captures were the culmination of a campaign that began at the start of the year: “I have been fishing one night a week since January, finishing work then going down to the lake and packing up and back to work by 7.30am the following morning.

“It has been hard going with only one 30lb fish to show for my efforts. As well as the one night a week I have baited up three times a week with CC Moore Odyssey XXX boilies.

“The chance I had been waiting for came on bank holiday weekend when I got clearance from the wife to do two days and nights.

“On the Sunday I had a slow take and a good battle, and netted on my two target fish – The Linear at 417lb 12oz. It’s the second biggest fish on the island and I was over the moon at the new personal best. But the story didn’t end there! Twelve hours later I landed The Boxer at 47lb 15oz – my other target!”

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