Brace of forties from Fryerning Fisheries

A brace of forties gave Paul Palmer a perfect birthday weekend at Fryerning Fisheries.

Having extended his trip from 24 hours to 48 due to a rain-lashed first day, Paul went on to catch commons of 36lb and 40lb, and a 45lb 2oz mirror known as The Nunn.

He explained: “It was not going as planned and having been bivvy bound for a long period of time I was contemplating going home.  I decided to stay an extra night as I wasn’t sure how many more opportunities I’d get this year.  I also decided to change my baiting strategy and positioned my rods closer to where I had seen some movement. 

“At about 10pm I thought I better get into the sack a get a good night’s sleep, when a rod roared off nearly making me jump out of my socks. I hooked into what I knew was a good fish and a while later, sitting in the bottom of the net on a dark night, was a new pb common of 40lb, which I later found out was named Round Tail. 

“I was over the moon and tried to go back to bed but was up two hrs later for a 36lb common.  I couldn’t believe my luck! Around first light one of my rods thundered off again.  I hooked into something that felt very powerful and with my headtorch giving up on me it was a really tough fight.

“When I had eventually secured it in the net I got my backup light and couldn’t believe I had landed another lump which turned out to be a fish called the Nunn at 45lb 2oz. It’s a shame I had to leave the lake to go to work on my birthday, but it was definitely the right way to start the day and cause for further evening celebration!”

Paul used Mainline Cell boilies on rigs made with 20lb Fox Camotex braid and size 5 ESP Raptor T6 hooks.

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