Brace of Stoneacres carp goes over 60lb

Searching out two small gravel areas with a boat helped Sean Leverett bank a brace of Stoneacres carp totalling over 60lb.

The Essex carper was at the lake, on the Linch Hill complex in Oxfordshire, for two nights and presented Sticky Krill boilies on blowback rigs made with ESP bits.

He said: “I ended up in a swim that I hadn’t fished before and on having a look about in the boat it soon became evident that the water visibility was very poor.

“I would normally try to find silty areas but I had to settle on finding as small a gravel spot as possible, as I could see the feint glow of this through the murky glare.”

After a quiet night, Sean bagged a 29lb 14oz mirror at first light and on his final morning managed a 31lb 3oz common.

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