Birthday boy lands two forties!

A birthday trip to Cambridgeshire’s Grenville Lake gave Lewis Porter a brace to remember.

The Fox media manager was toasting his 30th birthday with friends when he banked mirrors of 41lb 8oz and 44lb 10oz during a 48-hour session.

The Peterborough angler also managed five other carp including a 32-pounder, four twenties to 28lb and an upper double.

He said: “At around 1.55am on the first night I heard the first drops of raining on my brolly and hoped the low pressure that had been forecast would kick the fish into feeding mode – and boy did it!

“At 2am I received a fast take on my middle rod and was on it in a flash. After about 10 minutes the fish was under the rod tip and in the light of our head torches we could tell it looked a right unit. Five minutes later and the beast finally gave up. As we peered in we knew it would be close to the magical 40lb mark. One the scales she went 44lb 10oz and I was absolutely buzzing! Over the next six hours we received a further six bites between us including another forty for me!”

All the fish fell to Mainline Milky Toffee pop-ups presented on hinged stiff rigs made of Fox Trans Khaki Rigidity and a prototype coated braid. Lewis’s hooks were size 6 Arma Point SRs and he fed Hybrid boilies, Response pellets, Coppens pellets, sweetcorn and pigeon conditioner.

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