Biggest eel of the year banked

A six-year quest for a specimen eel has resulted in the capture of the biggest fish of 2014 so far, weighing in at 7lb 11oz.

Spencer Churchill finally struck gold at his local club water when he floatfished a piece of meat close to a reedbed.

The predator fishing fanatic from Shaftesbury in Devon, had only ever landed small fish from the venue in the past and had suffered the loss of specimen fish on more than one occasion. But his perseverance eventually paid off when he presented a golf ball-sized piece of hair-rigged meat on a size 4 hook.

“I’ve always known that the lake held big eels, but I just hadn’t been able to get one in the net despite six years of trying,” said Spencer.

“I chopped bits off my hookbait to rough it up and then left it in the sun so it began to sweat. Once it was really smelly I cast it as close to the reeds as I could.

“The power of the fish was like nothing else I’d experienced. I didn’t think I was going to win the battle because it headed for every weed bed in sight.”

Another angler to turn his fortunes around was Leicester-based Wayne Staddon, who banked a 6lb eel from a stillwater in Norfolk.

After losing a fish on each of his last two sessions, the European Eel Anglers Club Member made sure it was third time lucky when he fished a section on sandeel on a size 6 hook attached to a 50lb mono hooklink.

“The eels in this lake are all really big so to loose two fish on consecutive evenings was a real blow. You can imagine how elated and relieved I was to get this one into the net,” Wayne told Angling Times.

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