Biggest bream of the year caught

The biggest bream of the year has been banked in the form of this whopping 18lb-plus specimen.

It was caught by specimen carp angler Dan Bruton from an unnamed midlands gravel pit which was not previously known for producing big bream. It tipped the scales at exactly 18lb 4oz, a new personal best for Dan who was targeting one of the venues known big carp when the fish took his hair-rigged Trent Baits freshwater shrimp boilie.

Fishing a deepish swim at range, Korda, Trent Baits and Cutting Edge sponsored Dan fed a sizeable helping of Cutting Edge caramel crunch mixed particles along with trout pellets before casting a multi rig incorporating a 20lb N-trap hooklink, a size 6 wide-gape hook and a lead clip with 12 inches of dark matter tubing into his swim. Dan told Angling Times: “It was an impressive old dark beast and a fish I am very pleased with considering I’m a carp angler as it has come from a venue where they arent known to run to this size.”

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