Big year for rivers predicted thanks to mild winter and floods

With less than a month to the start of the new river season experts are predicting a record-breaking year on running water.

Leading fisheries scientists believe that, following one of the mildest winters on record, fish will have continued to gain weight at a time when growth rates would have normally ground to a halt with dropping water temperatures.

The widespread flooding experienced at venues nation-wide earlier in the year is also expected to contribute to the big-fish potential of running water this season as the extreme flows will have flushed out silt and debris resulting in more productive feeding grounds for anglers to take advantage of when the rivers open on June 16.
“Anglers have every reason to be really excited this season,” said leading fisheries consultant Dr Bruno Broughton.

“The combination of a mild winter and plenty of water to flush the rivers through means that all species have the potential to grow bigger than normal and the fact that the floods would have re-distributed smaller fish will result in the increased availability of food for larger specimens.”

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