Big linear falls in calm after storm for Jerry Hammond

Jerry Hammond capitalised on the mild winter conditions to land this 39lb 8oz linear from his own Carthagena Lake.

The Hertfordshire-based fishery owner and Trakker consultant managed to find a couple of showing fish and cast out two chod rigs followed by four handfuls of Mad Baits Wicked Whites boilies over a silty area in 11ft of water.

“During the night the wind was like a hurricane, but by first light all was calm and quiet,” he told Angling Times. “I started to notice a few bubbles hitting the surface over my right hand rod. My friend was in the swim next door so I went to see how he had got on, and from his peg I could see the bubbles were increasing.

“A fish rolled between us and then we heard one of my Neville alarms sound. Just as I walked back into my swim the bobbin pulled up tight and my tip was pulled round. I was into a December carp!”

After carefully playing the fish all the way to the bank his mate successfully netted it on the first attempt.

“As soon as I saw the fish and the row of scales all the way along its flank I knew I’d caught the lake’s Big Linear. It’s a rare visitor to the bank so was the perfect way to end the year,” added Jerry, who beat his prize with a Rig Marole CamH20 hooklink.