Big bonus as banker bags Scar at 49lb

Banker Frank Cunningham got a Christmas bonus in the shape of this 49lb 2oz mirror from Kingsmead One in Berkshire.

The weekend-only angler benefitted from fishing away from other carpers to land the new personal best, which is known as Scar.

The 57-year-old said: “Working all week, I’ve been arriving late on a Friday evening and tending not to follow the crowd and doing my own thing. Last weekend was no different. The kennel end of the lake was quite busy so I decided to fish where the least angling pressure was, and this just happened to be on the back of the wind.

“After settling in I found a lovely silt spot at the back of a piece of gravel and was rewarded at 7.30am the next morning with the awesome Scar Mirror at a new pb of 49lb 2oz. What a fish! I must say a big thank you to Alistair and Jamie Gold for their help with the taking of the picture – as luck would have it my camera decided to pack up!

Frank added: “I’ve been doing really well on the tactic of seeking out the quieter swims and areas, and have also landed the Moonscale mirror at 43lb 12oz earlier in the year.”

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