Big Plated out at 45lb from Linear Fisheries

Linear Fisheries regular Chris Lowe finally caught up with the one fish he wanted at the Oxfordshire complex.

The Avid-backed angler caught the mirror known as The Big Plated from St John’s at a weight of 45lb 12oz.

The scaly specimen, which appeared on Korda’s recent underwater DVDs, was part of a 10-fish haul that including another mirror of 31lb 10oz and a 34lb 8oz catfish.

West Midlander Chris, who runs tutorials at Linear Fisheries, has now caught most of the big fish in St John’s after bracing the Small Plated at 43lb 3oz with the Box Common at 39lb 3oz last autumn.

All the fish from his most recent session fell to Sonubaits Code Red boilies, pellets and particles.

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