Big Mixed Bags On Offer For Wirral Anglers At Dam Head

If you live on The Wirral or Merseyside area and want to fish a water which offers plenty of bites and where the fishing is easy then why not pay Damhead Fishery a visit?

With beautiful surroundings in a peaceful rural location, easy access and great fishing it is an ideal one-lake venue for pleasure anglers especially those wanting to teach a novice how to fish. 

There is a very large head of silver fish in this water, especially skimmers but the lake also holds plenty of barbel, carp and tench to surprise you. With plenty of features and good margin depths it is ideally suited to the pole with the possibilities of fishing the waggler or the tip from certain pegs.

Tactics wise you do not need anything complicated and big catches can be made fishing just 4m out. Just feed little and often with 2mm pellets or caster, maggot or corn and be accurate and you won’t go far wrong. Baits like 4mm expanders work well as hookbaits on hooks of around size 16 and mainline of around 3-5lb should cater for anything you come across at this venue. If you want to just catch the carp, which average around 7lb, then you are best advised to try mini boilies or bigger pellets as feed and on the hook.

TIP: For a big net of silverfish, try feeding a pinch of hemp and maggots every chuck in.


Prices: £7 a day 1 rod, £9 for two, £5 for an evening ticket
Contact: 07704 465611,
Location: Damhead Fishery, Damhead Lane, Neston, Cheshire, CH64 2TP
Rules: Barbless only, no braid, no keepnets, unhooking mats to be used, no dog or cat meat
Facilities: Toilets, drinks and snack hut, bait shop