BBC to target tackle theft

It has been exclusively revealed to Angling Times that the problem of tackle theft will be highlighted as part of the BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow.

Producers of the popular series, which helps police forces across the country tackle everyday crime, stated that fishing-related crime will ‘feature heavily’ in the episode airing at 9.15am on Wednesday, June 25 on BBC One.

The 45-minute programme will investigate various issues such as garage and shed break-ins to incidents where anglers have had their gear stolen on the bank. Interviews with victims of such crimes will also be featured.

The show will offer advice to those looking to protect their tackle from thieves as well as encouraging viewers to call in with their stories.

“This is the first time that fishing has played a part on the Crimewatch Roadshow,” said Denise Mather, producer of the June 25 episode.

“We want to make the general public aware of how big a problem tackle theft is as well as helping anglers find practical and affordable ways to protect their gear.”

Andrew Benn, owner of Yorkshire Groundbaits LTD who had products with a retail value of over £100,000 stolen from his warehouse, was interviewed for the upcoming show. He believes exposure on the mainstream media will help raise public awareness on the subject, and in turn reduce angling-related crime.

“Every angler knows what a big problem this is,” he told Angling Times. “It’s great news for the sport that the BBC is going to address the issue because the general public have no idea of the scale of the problem or how much fishing tackle is worth.”
Another high-profile angler to suffer the heartbreak of tackle theft was Jan Porter. ‘The Man in Red’ was eventually reunited with his gear after his friend spotted it for sale at a local car boot sale.

He said: “I was devastated as a lot of the gear had sentimental value. Since the incident I’ve had a sophisticated security system installed and I can’t stress how important it is for people to take measures to protect their tackle.”

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