Apply now for government funding to save local fisheries

Angling clubs are being urged to take advantage of a funding scheme that could see them receive thousands of pounds to take control of new waters before it comes to an end.

With council budgets being slashed in recent years, hundreds of community venues with bags of potential are on the verge of being lost to angling due to a lack of management.

In a last ditch bid to create a positive future for these fisheries, the Angling Trust is leading the drive to get clubs to apply for up to £10,000 of government backing.
The Community Assets and Service Grants Programme has been running for several years but the scheme is set to end within weeks, with all applications for the final round of bidding required by October 31.

National Angling Strategy Manager Rick Warner believes the project offers clubs the ideal opportunity to expand their portfolio of waters and he said: “Angling is not a priority to many local councils due to a lack of finance and we need clubs to come forward to help manager waters that will otherwise be neglected.

“The Angling Trust is on hand to help clubs process these applications and hopefully put in successful bids that will benefit both the clubs and local community,” he added.

Derbyshire’s Earl of Harrington’s AC are among those that have already taken on and transformed abandoned waters, including a series of park lakes which are now top class fisheries. Club treasurer Teresa Parr believes the club has benefitted massively as a result of the move. She told Angling Times: “The illegal fishing and neglect that the park lakes suffered from is now under control and each one is improving, producing some fantastic sport for a variety of species.

“We have sold loads of day and season permits as a result of acquiring these and I would definitely advocate clubs applying for this funding to take ownership of similar venues,” she added.

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