Angling clubs across the UK are being called to save hundreds of fish-filled waters

Angling clubs across the country are being urged to strike a deal with local councils to take control of thousands of neglected waters that are home to huge shoals of fish.
Associations throughout the land have been under intense financial pressure in recent months but one Midland’s outfit has fought back by working with the authorities to secure a low cost lease for five new lakes.
Committee members at Earl of Harrington’s AC have worked tirelessly to increase their membership base and fishermen have now been given even more reason to join after they took over a series of waters including Alvaston Park Lake and Mill Dam.
All the waters have been left to ruin in recent years but the deal will now see the club give each one a makeover before opening them to anglers.
A small percentage of any funds raised during the lease will be handed over to Derby City Council and secretary Dave Parr believes that other clubs can work in a similar manner to get their hands on waters with bags of potential. He said: “The fishing has technically been free for a number of years as the park rangers who used to sell tickets are no longer present due to financial cutbacks. As a result the lakes are in need of essential maintenance and repair work.”
“Other clubs should engage with councils across the UK to work in partnership to manage and develop these fisheries, as it is likely councils will not have the resource and expertise to run them properly. It’s a win win situation for all involved,” he added.
Derby City Councillor Martin Repton believes the partnership will benefit the whole community and he said: “The Earl of Harrington AC is a proactive, non-profit making outfit with a proven track record. We believe this type of agreement could become a blueprint for other clubs and authorities to work together to improve fishing.”