Angling Times line banks 20lb common carp

Angling Times’ ability to literally catch you more fish was proved with this brace of estate-lake beauties.

Traditionalist angler Stuart Harris had a copy of our August 19 issue with him on a day session and used the cover-mounted 6lb line to reach his quarry.

The Hampshire angler, also known as The Sweetcorn Kid, explained: “I took a copy of Angling Times along to the estate lake we fished to show a friend.

“I began walking around the pool and realised that to get close to the fish I'd have to cast a fair distance – not an easy task with vintage reels, split cane rods and thick line. Remembering the line, I removed it from the paper, gave it a stretch and loaded it onto my Mitchell 300. The lake was weedy and snaggy, but I still managed to land four of its residents, including these two powerhouse commons of 17lb 6oz and 20lb 12oz.

So, the line certainly gets a big thumbs up from me!”

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